Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Being More Visible

Inspiration: To continue to show up more fully in all ways.

Day 10:
How can your desires find its way to you if you are not willing to be seen? Visibility. How much are you willing to put yourself out into the world so that your deepest heartfelt dreams come true.

For example, how do you expect to meet a romantic partner if you sit home in hiding? Unless the UPS man/woman comes your way. No seriously. Many of us (and me too) desire things to be different in our lives. Whether it is personally or professionally it is essential to show up, show your face in some way.

I am a masterful at hiding.(I must have been a monk in a prior incarnation.) So this evening, I was invited to a friends art exhibit and performance on the Upper East Side. I didn't want to get dressed up, which is normal for most folks. I didn't want to venture all the way across Central Park. But I did...

I ended up having a nice conversation with a few people that would never have happened otherwise. There is also the possibility of one of these individuals working with me. No expectations of course, just saying. I realize its no big deal for many to go to these things but I have my routine, my rigidity. I wasn't able to practice my Wednesday night yoga so I readjusted to go earlier in the day. Not my favorite, but I did it.

What I am trying to say, is that we can get stuck in our comfort zones. I love alone time.My life is extremely physically, especially for a middle aged 46 year old woman.:-) I am miss independent, self-sufficient. Maybe it was my survival mechanism early on from my wonderfully dysfunctional family; who knows...But now, I am working shifting this in lieu of new experiences, even if it feels like a burden at times.

What might you have been hiding from, not showing up more fully? The next time an invitation or something comes your way you would normally decline, go out of your way and dance with possibility. Think about that and sleep well.

With Love, Denise

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