Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Post Halloween

Inspiration: To continue to be inspired.:)

Greetings. I cannot believe how time flies! It is already November and we have just seen the passage of pumpkins, witches and super heros. I am fortunate enough to reside on the Upper West Side where our block on 78th hosts many little peeps dressed up in adorable costumes on Halloween. So with post Hurricane Sandy, it was truly a gift to be able to sit outside my brownstone steps and give sweet treats to these amazing kids.

A few days prior, we witnessed one of natures biggest extravaganzas on the East Coast. This hurricane of epic proportions, bringing most of our beloved city to a standstill. I am fortunate enough to be spared the loss of power and had plenty (too much) food, too much yoga and too much gym as these were the only things to really do; for me anyway.:)

The rest of New York, New Jersey and other places, not the case. Many are still left without power and will be for some days. Our subway system has started to revive itself with limited service. Let's just say, as a whole we got hit Hard! But there is also a gift in all of this. For us to bond, for community to work together as a unit. We tend to forgot that we really do need one another and this was an excellent opportunity for people to come together.

It has also been a time of introspection. Seeing what is real. The truth is, we never really know what is going to happen. This not only applies to national disasters but to what transpires in our own lives. How we live each day, each moment, creates the next. How are you living? What are you thinking, feeling and experiencing? Nature spreads her wings to get our attention. Are you listening now?

Think about that and spread your wings. Make a difference in some small way.

With Love, Denise

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