Thursday, October 4, 2012

"Searching"...for the Sugarman

Inspiration: To continue to learn from and be inspired by the journey of others.

It was a recent weekday evening, when my yoga teacher did something bold; very bold. He played the soundtrack from the movie, "Searching for Sugarman" in its entirety. A movie I had been guided to see a couple of months ago by a client, who happens to be an executive at the company that released it. So here was a very BIG sign.

He briefly went into a short description of what the movie was about. An incredible documentary based on the life of musician Sixto Rodriguez. A story of loss and redemption. A story about humility and faith. A young musician who had recorded two rock albums but had no commerical "success". He never saw a dime. A man who supposedly took his life onstage in front of others. Supposedly...Little did he know that he was a rock icon in South Africa. That's all I will say about this film without giving too much away. That and I am in no way a movie critic.:)

So flowing to this wondrous collection of songs in class really touched the deepest core of my being. The songs, inspired from Rodriguez's own journey and gentle heart.You could feel how geniune this man must be; body, mind and spirit.

The very next day, which was a perfect, rainy afternoon, I made my way to Lincoln Plaza Cinemas. I got my aisle seat (my fav) and fastened my seat belt to be enlightened. To say that I was touched and humbled is putting it midly. This man was like a prophet. His humility was truly awe-inspiring.

To say that anything is possible is an understatement. All I know to be true is that there is really divine timing in everything. Not when we "think" we are ready, but when a power beyond our comprehension turns on the lights. In the physical, we may have expended much time working towards the fulfillment of our dreams. Many of us give up prematurely, just before a loving hand miraculously steps in and makes miracles...

If we can all embrace this journey, one step at a time, we will savor in the magic and mystery that can only be experienced in the present. May you all realize your deepest, heartfelt dreams. And definitely, go check out this flick.

With Love, Denise

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