Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The GREAT Procrastinator!

Inspiration: Simply put, not to procrastinate anymore.

Day three of my "commitment" to scribing. So here it is almost 9pm on a blistery, snowy and cold New York City winters day. It wasn't enough that we had Sandy last week, now we are being visited by a so-called Nor'easter and I had to take out my snow boots on November 8th.

I loathe the cold. So why do I live in NYC? Maybe because this is where I am going to meet my next husband and find work and vocation that makes my heart soar! Just kidding and maybe not. Anyway, New York City is really one of the only places where this is still some semblance of life pulsating amidst the snowy chaos.

So today, my dear friend Tony did a reading for me over the phone. This is why I am now writing. When I say he did a reading, what I mean is an intuitive card reading. Without going into the airy fairy details, what most important, was to look at my present situation. It said not to procrastinate any more. Was there anything I have been putting off ? How funny and how true. I have been a procrastinator all of my life. So to unlearn this behavior takes A LOT of practice.

He asked me what I have been procrastinating about and something crystal clear entered my minds eye. I had asked the Universe (and the universe has asked me) to somehow, someday connect me with someone who may assist ( or motivate) me to write a book. Not that I am even close, but an opportunity came my way to submit a bio to a publisher here in New York. This was over three weeks ago. Did I do it? You already know the answer...A big Negative! Why? Because of my fear and what it would actually feel like. That and I would actually have to write the damn thing.

So right now, I am using this medium as a promise to myself to get this done. Within a weeks time ( actually longer than one needs), I will do this. Whatever happens happens. I need to step into my deepest dreams while lovingly embracing the fear of the unknown. I have been asking for some time "What is next for me?" It is much easier to stay stuck in what is familiar than move forward. I am pretty much done with the last sixteen years incarnation of being known as a fitness trainer. Anyone that says that to me I want to ----. Yoga teacher or GODDESS is okay though.:)

So people, what might you be procrastinating about. What have you been putting off that you know would be beneficial to do, to explore? There is no better time than the present. Dare to live your wildest dreams! Think about it and have a "magical" night.

With Love, Denise

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