Sunday, November 18, 2012

Our Expectations

Inspiration: To continue to surrender my EGO attachment to have things my way.

Day 14:
Our expectations. We may desire this or that to happen in the physical, on our timetable. An event, an interaction, a work opportunity. Whatever it may be doesn't really matter. When we expect, we ultimately set ourselves up for disappointment.

When we get "out of the way" and live in the present, the universal intelligence unfolds to us physically in mysterious and magical ways. When we push, or force, whether verbally or energetically, it will not work out for our highest good.

Specifically, this past weekend, I was hoping to see someone. Although we communicated by text, he mentioned nothing about getting together. I was expecting or anticipating to see him since we have become closer over these past few weeks. So when I received a text this morning responding to my channeled guidance last night, I was pissed off when he responded and closed with have a grt8 day! Not the most intimate of things to say. You get the undertone here.

So, I have decided to practice what I so often lovingly preach. Expectations don't serve us. So right now, I will surrender these negative feelings and be a good parent to myself and trust the divine plan. Everything is as it is supposed to be in each moment. The more space we create within, the more space there is for our desires to flow at the right time.

What might you have some expectations about? Maybe there is something even more magnificent available that is unfolding? That said, I think I will take my own advice...That and go to yoga now to clear out my chakras.:)

Have a wonderful and blessed day!
With Love, Denise

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