Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Infamous Ryan O'Neal of "Love Story" Fame

Inspiration: To continue to honor and bless every person and situation with compassion.:-)

Celebrities. At one time of another, many tend to write a book about their life. Ryan O'Neal can now be added to that list. He is the father of infamous child actress Tatum O'Neal and life partner of divine "angel" Farah Fawcett (who has passed over).

This past Monday evening, he was giving a talk and book signing for his new book "Both of Us". An account of his life with the beautiful Farah. So at nearly 7pm, I make my way into Barnes and Noble at 82nd and Broadway in NYC. I thought it would be nice to get a signed autographed copy of this book for my mom . I was thinking (assuming he was) of asking him to write "for Beverly." So I quickly purchase the book and rush upstairs; since it had already started.

To my complete surprise, I hear no speaker and cameras flashing. Then I am told he wasn't speaking and only signing. I was quite agitated, because for almost $30 bucks, I was expecting a brief (at least) reading. I then see line forming and I proceed to go over.  I chat briefly with a couple of fellows waiting as well. Here are the brief dialogues.

Denise: " I thought he was going to speak?"
Guy 1 :" You know celebrities; they are too good for that."
Denise: "OK, I am a bit disappointed but am not going to judge."

Guy 2 : " He has stage two prostrate cancer and even cancelled his talk this am on the Today Show."
Denise:  " Oh, so sorry to hear that."

While waiting online with guy 2, he told me he attended high school with Farah. He was a warm, inviting, happy man that exuded a sense of real compassion and patience. A sense of peace radiated in every fiber of his being...

So now, it's my turn...He signs the book, Ryan O'Neal. What happened to "Your name?" Anyways, he looked much, much older and weathered. His "soul", spirit, felt drained to me. I had compassion for him. After he signed, I shook his hand and uttered these words; " May peace be with you." I then left the bookstore and made my way back home.

The gift I leave you with is that you never really know the story. Many of us tend to be quick to judge. At the core, we are all doing the best we can in each moment...May our hearts grow as we continue to honor the deep self with love and compassionate action.

Have a "wonderful" day.

With Love, Denise

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