Friday, May 11, 2012

A "DIVINE" Conversation

Inspiration: To continue to know and believe, thought know no distance...:-)

For some years now, I have been thinking about my ex sister-in-law from California. We were both married to identical twins and spent many Friday evenings together at our local Laguna Beach hangout. At the time, we weren't very close. This was because of me, my unhappiness in my situation.

During the last few months of my living in California, we became closer and I really enjoyed spending time getting to know her better. Mainly because I was finally at peace after having made the decision to leave and start over again in NYC. At 36 years young, I felt that I had to be true to myself and not stay where my "SOUL" was not happy. The year was 2003.

We had spoken only once since then, after I received a lovely card and picture in the mail. This was in 2004. She will never know how helpful and "heart-shocking" that conversation was to me. It helped me change the course of my actions in the final dissolution of my "starter" marriage (meaning warm-up for the right ONE). I was so very grateful !!!

So here it is 2012. I have been thinking about her a lot recently. Wondering if it would be "cool" to connect with her at some point since I last knew she was also looking to get divorced from the other twin. I just kept on hoping she was well and happy.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned her to a friend and said something to the effect of " I really liked my ex-sister in law. I wasn't nice very kind to her a majority of the time (could you believe) but we bonded as my stay in California was coming to a close." A week later after coming out of yoga class, I see an email message from HER !!! I was like WOWWWWW! Thought knows know distance...

We have since spoken and I so look forward to continuing the dialogue and seeing her again in the future:-)...The "BIG" message is that you should never underestimate the creative power of your thoughts; coupled with pure intention and complete surrender for the highest good of all concerned.

Think about it for a moment, and have a blessed day.

With Love, D

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