Tuesday, May 22, 2012

On Meditation

Inspiration: To continue to "breathe" through the noise with ease.:-)

Each morning, I start my day by sitting, noticing, breathing (I guess meditating). Yesterday I awoke later than my usual time of around 6am. The light was already passing through my window and the street noise was beginning. Either way, I was committing myself to my seat.

Perched up on about three yummy, velvety pillows to support my lower back, I began to breathe. I began to let the thoughts and prayers move in my minds eye. Then it was time to invite in everything. To hold a space for all of it. As I began to deepen into a more peaceful state, I heard the cleaning lady from upstairs (I reside in a brownstone) make her way down. She began to have a conversation with my landlord who had just walked in from his morning dog walk. I say " breathe Denise breathe." Then, about five minutes later it happens...What always happens at 9:30am on Mondays. The vacuum cleaner in the hallway.

I was ready to scream!!! Instead, I turned inward to remind myself that this is part of the practice. To let go of distractions. What a perfect way to practice, right?  So I breathe more deeply, surrender more fully. But the vacuum cleaner is now outside my door, which is right near where I sit. My blood was starting to boil. Again, "breathe Denise breathe."

This is how much of life is. Noise and distraction. But there is the gift: Can we remain peaceful in the midst of the chaos? Can we stay true to this present moment? This is what meditation is for. To create that space, that pause for everything to be as it is. For guidance and answers to flow our way (that is the wish anyway, and often it does). But on this particular Monday morning, my sitting was less than divine. A gentle reminder for me to embrace perfection in the imperfection. So perfect.:-)

So the next time you sit, sit with an open heart, an open mind and just breathe in the fullness of who you are.
Think about it and have a blessed day !!!

With Love, Denise

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