Sunday, September 16, 2012

Real Housewives of NYC Encounter

Inspiration: To continue to remain open to infinite possibility...

Sitting  upon a simple terry-striped, purple towel in Riverside Park, birkenstocks at my side, I look up and notice a familiar face. A beautiful, tall, toned woman in a red, flowing dress appears before me. She is walking her "sweet" white dog enjoying this summers day. I happened to be on the phone when I noticed her, with my mentor in Laguna Beach, CA doing card divination, invoking the oracular.

But something inside of me said to call out to this woman. Without naming who she was, I say "Are you ...?" Her reply was "Yes." Then she casually asked what I was doing (or I may have told her so she didn't think I was off my rocker) and I said I was on the phone with my teacher doing divination with cards. She seemed intrigued and engaged a bit more. As I am not a multi-tasker, I was having a healing session with the West Coast and a celebrity encounter on the East Coast.:)

We chatted for a few brief moments about what I was doing, and she said she could really use some of that after the season she had. For some strange reason, I went out of my comfort zone and offered her my card. Not that she asked me, I just felt guided somehow. She took it to which I said, " I would love to hear from you and if not I bless you." I then brought my hands together in front of my forehand to bless her as she walked off into the distance.

One last thing...she did ask me if I watched some new reality tv show on mediums, to which I oddly answered, " I threw out my television during my yoga teacher training, but I did watch your show!" I cannot believe those words came out of my mouth !!! As it would be truly wonderful to connect with this woman in some way, I take this encounter as a gift from SPIRIT; for me to vocalize and shine my light more fully in the inspire others to live their highest expression.

As I now complete this musing, I believe the message is to dare to risk!!! You never know what might happen, for the "divine" weaves her magic in mysterious ways, hence the fabulous tune by U2.

Be present, be loving, be free....From my heart to yours.
With Love, Denise

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