Friday, August 17, 2012

More Meditation Drama...

Inspiration: To continue to breathe no matter what is going on around me.

This morning brought me an amazing opportunity to breathe and be present. For some time now, I have committed myself to sitting, meditating in the am hours. Whether it be really early or a bit later depending on my schedule, I sit..I pray..I surrender.

This morning presented me with another excellent opportunity to focus, especially on the breathe. It is our breathe that either creates ease or discomfort. Unfortunately, most times we don't even pay attention as we allow our mind to run the show. If only we took a moment, a pause, and focused our attention to our breathing. Our moments and days would be that much more ease full.

So it was 8am when I committed to sitting. I began with my daily chanting and then prayer and then stillness. As I was entering a tranquil state, there was noise on the street. Not just any noise mind you, jack-hammer, excruciatingly (is that a word) painful noise. I said no matter what this is a good exercise. I am going to sit for my allotted time (which was longer today as I had the time) and just breathe.

The more I continued to focus on my breathe, the more the noise began to diminish. It was still there, but it softened. There was a bit more space, a bit more ease. Eventually the jack hammer took a vacation and it ceased completely. Then I fell into a very peaceful place.:)

So it is with most of life. There is noise; both the internal noise in our heads and the external noise (and people) in the world. When we take some time out of our busy days, even for a few moments it assists us in becoming more peaceful, loving human beings. As with anything worthwhile this is a practice. But I promise you, it is worth the effort. Try it on for size. And see what happens....

Think about it and have a wonderful day.

With Love, D

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