Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sometimes "the SOUL" just knows

Inspiration: To continue to honor others paths.

A good friend of mine whom I had lost contact with came up in conversation today with a client. Actually we both met one another over a decade ago via this person. We had both received an email around Purim ( a Jewish holiday) saying a donation was made on our behalf. I thought this may have been crap mail, but since my client received the same one, I believed it was authentic.

We spoke highly about our friendship with this individual and how it would be nice to reconnect. Then I casually mentioned, ":It's interesting that this friend converted to Judiasm via a previous marriage and actually turned out to really be JEWISH!!!For years, she tried her best to turn me on to this religion, and I explored for a bit, but ultimately said, not interested.

Anyway, this friend of ours was adopted at birth. A few years ago she found her birth mother. To both our surprise, her real mother was Jewish. She always expressed such a deep connection to Judiasm beyond what I had ever seen. She was, is, so dedicated to it's teachings and esoterics in a "beautiful' way. In my naivety, I couldn't understand this (young and egocentric) but now that I am learning on so many levels, I truly understand.

The SOUL, the deepest essence of our being truly knows. If we could all just tap into our core essence and truly listen, answers to our yearnings and dreams would make perfect sense. I invite you all to tune in, to the longings and questions of your heart. If you are still and open, you will hear the answers in divine right time.

Have a "wonderful" nite.

With Love, Denise

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