Monday, March 5, 2012

The Mysterious Cross

Inspiration: To continue to believe in "divine" magic. :-)

Magic, unexpected, instantaneous happenings (synchronicities) whatever you like to call it. This one was the "right in your face" kind, in the form of a large wooden cross. Let me explain.

Over a week ago, I had a really "cool" experience at a local wireless store. I met a pretty prominent music, singer-songwriter-producer. Let's just say he is really close with Steven Tyler.:-) Anyway, me and this music guy talked for a long while about life, music, L.A vs NYC ( since he is bicoastal) and life in general. It was one of those really AWESOME moments !!!

One of my ongoing prayers has been to meet and connect with more creative people. I was wondering when, or if I may hear from him again (we exchanged info). So here I am, after doing some devotion yesterday afternoon in an empty church ( I am born Jewish but like to light candles) not more than two minutes after walking down the street, I see this ENORMOUS wooden cross a girl was holding. Directly behind her was him, the music guy (she was with him) !!! He seemed rushed but we managed to have a quick exchange. Really cool huh?

I share this with you now for inspiration; our thoughts and intentions do manifest into physical form. This was "instantaneous" and I was like blown away!...Not because of the encounter, perse, but because of the ooh - aah of God, Spirit or whatever you like to call the invisible realm. Think about it ...Believe in the power of something bigger than you can ever imagine !

Have a good nite.
With Love, Denise

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