Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Finding "M"'s...

Inspiration: To continue to listen to "SPIRITS" musings and messages :-)

For almost six months now, I have been finding colored coin-like metal with a scripted M on top. At first I thought my karmic soul friend was communicating with me on the astral plane (well maybe that too) but then I soon realized they were from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Granted, for some years now I have asked to invite more culture, art, creativity into my life. Two of my clients are art dealers and another heads up movie acquisitions at Sony. So between both, I feel a bit like a beginner. So finally, last Tuesday (not the best day to go btw), I make my way across the park to 82nd and 5th Avenue. I was so proud of myself for going there after living in NYC for 20 years.

So I make my way inside, a long line to check coats. Afterwards, I proceed to go in with a map that was useless to me; since I am not so great with directions...I start off visiting the COE Collection of American Indian Art. I am soooo drawn to Native American culture and feel in another life I was an Indian (or many).;-)
Anyway, I instantly fell in "love" with the artifacts and clothing. Where can I go and get me some???

Then, I made my way to see Picasso and Matisse (since I heard of them) and really enjoyed what I saw. After,  I made it to see whatever else was there. I think I may have been there an hours time. That was all I could do since I was alone and was new to this whole thing. As I was going to pick up my coat, I asked two lovely, elderly women how long it should take to view the exhibits. Their response was; "DAYS"!!! Oh, well. You gotta start somewhere right? I think next time I will go with a friend.:-)

With this experience, I will continue to explore, open up, and see what this fabulous city has to offer !!! What have you been yearning to explore? Think about it and have a wonderful day...

With Love, Denise

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