Monday, May 3, 2010

Power Yoga For Zen

Inspiration: To continue to deepen my sense of self, through Yoga.

Where do I begin...The healing power of yoga. From the inside/out. My own journey into health and wholeness has led me to this wonderful practice. A practice that continues to move and inspire me in so many ways.

Last night, I took Power Yoga Class with popular Pure Yoga Instructor Scott Harig. He happens to teach a class at Equinox on Sundays at 4:00pm right here in my hood on the Upper West Side. I have taken his class many times before. But last night, I experienced my body being challenged on all levels. I respect and admire Scott for his ability to instruct and lead students to an authentic place, without resisting. He led class through an hour and a half of standing, twisting and balancing through unique and grounded asanas.

Truth be told, I am a very physical individual who has trained herself into the ground, literally. It is nice to know that there are a multitude of yoga levels and classes with teachers who really get it. One day, I aspire to be able to move more ease fully, hence quieting the mind even more. Until then, I will continue to be in my body, and lovingly head its messages in each moment.

Yoga is really about the breathe. The posture or asana is secondary. How we move and breathe in each moment, is how we move and breathe in life. This practice offers us the opportunity to slow down and feel; deeply where we are stuck or holding on too tightly.

I invite you all to take a good look at how you move through your day. Is it hurried and frenetic? Or is it calm and peaceful.......Take a moment to really go inside. No judgements, just introspection and awareness.

Have a "wonderful" day.....With Love, Denise

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