Friday, May 21, 2010

The Ego and Yoga

Inspiration: To continue to be more present, grounded and focused in Yoga and in daily life.

As the weather becomes warmer, I am feeling a deeper connection to the body and its need for authentic, flowing movement. In other words, more YOGA. Most days, I am extremely picky; a perfectionist at times, about the right class to take with the right teacher.

Yesterday, I was in a pinch and really desired to practice. So I found myself taking class at my local Equinox with a fellow teacher and trainer I know from the 1990's. This was the same instructor I took back in 1996; my first ever yoga class. At that time, I was 29 and thought I knew everything. What a surprise. That is what are 20's are for right? Not really. It all depends on who were are and how we have been supported.

So here I am in a 4:15 Vinyasa class. One thing about gym yoga. I despise the mirrors. Yoga is an opportunity to go inside and I don't like to see myself (no matter how hard I try)and others postures, or lack of; in the mirror. I was finding myself critiquing others. Yoga is about presence. Just you and your mat. No distractions. (In a perfect world anyway).

I have a theory, or feeling, that it is the energy of the instructor or "vibe", that provides the tone. I found myself being too technical in my head and not in my heart. The good thing about this practice, is no matter what, by the end of class you still reap the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. The point I am trying to make is that I was slightly distracted. A bit judgmental. So with this information I can see where I have to surrender the ego more deeply.

No matter what, it is in our best interest to always be OPEN to whatever is in our trajectory. To find the peace within what may appear to be chaos. This is just another opportunity for me to see where I need to expand my view.

With Love,


  1. "To find the peace within what may appear to be chaos." That is a practice of life, Denise, but still, so good to hear it repeated.

  2. Dear Sims,
    Thank you for the acknowledgment.:)
    Yes, chaos is a natural part of life. It is our response; either positive or negative, that will decide how we will feel.
    Warmly, Denise