Tuesday, May 18, 2010

On Feeling Stuck

Inspiration: To continue to find the inspiration to persevere towards my deepest dreams.

We all need inspiration. That which excites us.....Lately, I have been feeling stuck. Maybe it was the last Mercury Retrograde which seemed to go on forever. Or maybe it is I am caught up in the hows. As my intention is to move and inspire, I share this with you because this is natural and part of the human condition.

We all have moments, or even days (or longer),where we can feel that our world is not showing us the fruits of our labors. We tend to struggle, cling or complain which really never accomplishes anything productive. While these feelings are real and valid, we do need to honor them. But not for too long.

When we repeat the same behaviors, thoughts and feelings repeatedly, our outer world becomes a constant and consistent mirror. While it may be necessary for a time, there comes a point when you may say " I have had enough.". The tricky part is what steps to take to shift this trajectory.

Just as exercise and healthy eating are a consistent and conscious choice, so is how we maneuver and handle our feelings and emotions. There are many books out there on this topic. While they can be extremely helpful, being "attached" to the process is what will keep us exactly where we are.

So what is the remedy? I continually ask myself this question. A generic answer is faith, prayer, and ACTION. For me, the first two are easier. The action step is my challenge. The "monkey mind" can go around in circles saying how, how, how. This is when sitting quietly, yoga or even going to a movie, can shift our attention to a more neutral place where the answers will come forth at the right moment.

For today, I will continue to stay faith-filled, pray and take action. Even if the action step is a shift in my perceptions....How about you?

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love,

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