Thursday, May 6, 2010

On Being Jewish

Inspiration: To continue to honor each individuals belief without my need to push or persuade.

Last night while waiting outside to meet a friend for dinner, I was next to a slightly older woman perusing the menu. This was at Hummus Place on the Upper West Side. She was wondering if the food was Kosher. Right there on the menu it said KOSHER. She then proceeded to ask a nearby hostess (who was busy flirting with a sweet young man) if the bread was made a certain way. She said she had to check. Upon her discovery, she did not have the information this woman was looking for. I replied to her" If it brings you joy, I am sure God will be happy."

We then began a discussion on Judaism. I have been here many times before. I am Jewish, but do not identify with the religion. Whatever assists a person is fine by me. She began to "preach" about the Jews with superiority. I mentioned I was Jewish but did not practice. I was even wearing a funky LUCKY Brand cross necklace which I quickly turned around out of respect. I didn't want her to have a heart attack.:) I allowed a space for her to express herself but at some point, I shared my views on judgment (without using the word) and allowing each person the freedom to explore whatever makes them feel good.

Without going into story, she said "Everything happens for a reason" to which I wholeheartedly agreed. I said possibly the reason for our encounter was for her to open my heart and mind to the possibility of dating a Jewish man ( been there done that), to which I have judgment. Maybe there is a JEWISH, holistic, athletic, grounded, attractive, "AWESOME", spiritual guy. Then again, maybe not for me. Only God knows..... I then offered her the possibility that her meeting me was to expand her vision of what others believe without pushing her belief systems onto them.

Finally, my friend arrived. I politely introduced her, made some eyes as to move inside, and wished the woman well. As i too, am working on releasing my judgment of others. Allowing each person to be who they are in each moment. The wish is for us all to embrace one another, even with our differences. With love.

By the way, the food was very good and healthy.:)

Have a "wonderful" day.

Love, Denise

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