Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Inspiration: To listen lovingly to the body's messages without resisting.

Greetings. From time to time I do write about exercise and share with you bits of my own journey. The truth is, I have been preoccupied with exercise, how much, how often and how long for quite some time. My yoga practice is helping me surrender more fully to be okay exactly where I presently am.

As we increase in our years, the amount of physical and emotional stresses also tend to rise. Depending if we have moved our bodies vigorously or not for many years, will have a profound effect on our current state. High intensity, consistent exercise will deplete our energy levels over time resulting in additional stress.

The most important component of movement is to really listen to what your body needs. The ego may say " I have gained weight so let's go running". However, you may have tight hamstrings and low back issues which would only be aggravated by this. The modality is secondary. The point I am reinforcing is to move in a way your body desires. Yes, there are some days you will feel empowered and strong. Absolutely work a bit harder. As long as you are coming from a grounded, healthy place.

Exercise, or movement as I like to refer, requires tuning in and really paying attention to what is being asked. Listen, breathe and honor the body's need to move authentically.

Have a very "peaceful" day.

Love, Denise


  1. "The modality is secondary... Move your body as it desires." I just hope someone reads this and it sinks in sooner rather than later.

    Disobeying that is where injuries come from. Great job Denise!

  2. Thanks Sim.:)
    You are the exercise, scientific MASTER!! I really appreciate your support.

    Warmly, Denise