Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Simple Pleasures

Inspiration: To go where I am filled with joy.

Springtime. The flowers are in full bloom; varies colors and textures. Simply beautiful!!! Now that the weather is a bit warmer, I love to frequent the grassy pastures in Riverside Park in the late afternoon hours. This gives me an opportunity to surrender and let go. Of the repetitive thoughts and concerns of daily life.

It is here I find my grounding. Literally. Lying in the grass barefoot, most time directly on the earth. There is such a sweet surrender in this process for me. I drift off into a blissful state (many times napping) and awake a new. This may sound decadent to some who feel the time can be spent in a more productive manner. I cannot reinforce, that this is productive. You will feel a serene peacefulness in this letting go, if for even a short time.

For those who do not have as much flexibility in their schedule, I recommend detoxing from your day in a natural environment, even if only for ten minutes. No thoughts, just continuous deep breaths. From this place the answers to your life's deep mysteries will unravel at the perfect time.

So for those residing in NYC, please make a choice to spend time in nature whenever you can. Savor in the beauty that is all around. Let go and simply be "still". The world will offer itself at your feet.

Have a "wonderful" day.

With Love, Denise

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