Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Joneses

Inspiration: To be mindful of material possessions.

Yesterday, early evening, I went to the movies. It was a Friday and it was nice to unwind from the week and just escape for a bit. I love having the freedom to do this. This is a bonus of my work. Make my own schedule, decide what works. I feel rather decadent going to a movie theater in the late afternoon that is not even half-full. I get to sit on the aisle and have a couple of seats vacant for me to sprawl out.

I decided to see the movie " The Joneses". I was curious to see Demi Moore in a movie since it has been some time she has made one. Have to admit, she looks better than she ever did. Maybe being married to a younger man has a big effect.:) Something I will consider. Anyway, the premise of the movie was about materialism. A "seemingly perfect family" (To quote a reviewer), move into an affluent neighborhood with kids in tow, with the intention of turning people on to the most hip and expensive, luxury goods. However, this family was not a real family but a business entity.

Without giving too much away, the local people were enamored with their confidence and what they had. This created a domino effect. People bought the goodies they showed off. Unfortunately, externals ultimately provide a band aid for our true feelings. The rest you can find out by going to see the movie.

While it is "wonderful" to have nice things, it should never take over
your identity. The people in the movie derived their self-worth by what they sold and who they impressed. This is an externally directly way of living. Authentic, inspired living comes from inside; living from your heart space.....Don't get me wrong, nice things are wonderful but it is important to be mindful of intention. Positive, productive intention with an open heart. Think about that, and then go shopping...

Have a very "peaceful" day.

Love, Denise

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