Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Perfect Day...

Inspiration: To find the gratitude in each precious moment.

Yesterday was my birthday. At 10:45 am on April 9Th (at least that's what my mom says), I was born into this world. At 10:41 am, I received a beautiful message from my dear "intuitive" counselor and friend, Elana. At 10:45 am, I was outdoors and the trees began to swell in the wind, sending me a message. I felt I was being honored and blessed as the beautiful flowers were ascending in all directions.

The day was simple. I bought flowers for myself as if I was my divine love. AS I am presently single (at this moment, next can change), I felt as if I were in love. A stop to Sephora, the market and then an AWESOME evening yoga class to wind down. This is where my heart is happiest. To feel my body and breath move in ways I never thought possible. Having been an avid gym rat for nearly 20 years, I am feeling a softening, on all levels because of my now frequent, yoga practice. This coupled with a new early morning ritual, is setting the tone for the trajectory and purpose of my life's path.

Today, the second day of this new birth year, I embrace the simplicity and gifts that are available in each moment. Right now, the birds chirping outside my window and the cool breeze I feel at my feet.

I hope you can all find a space within to embrace the simple pleasures each day, with gratitude and an open heart. From this place is true bliss.

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love, Denise

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