Friday, July 2, 2010

The Carlisle Collection/ An Over 40 Females Event

Inspiration: To expand my vision of what I desire to experience.

It is a Wednesday evening, 6pm. I am off to an Over Forty Females Event. This is a group of like-minded women who gather each month for social and networking connection. These women are from all walks of life, vocation and status. This particular gathering was held at the Carlisle Showroom in NYC.

Situated at the top of a beautiful structure just off Madison Ave (Penthouse), is a collection of extraordinarily, beautiful attire. At first glance, I become somewhat intimated, since this appears to be out of my understanding and sense of dress. Upon closer look, I surrender, without being separate from these items, and really embrace the beautiful craftsmanship; with it's fabrics and colors.

For this event, I had nothing (at least to me) that I felt appropriate to wear. I happened to find a cute little, sexy tank dress at a local shop. It's truly amazing that when you change you attire, how your "energy" shifts. Hair down, a little make-up and "real" shoes, not my typical birkenstocks and sneakers.

It was a small gathering, which gave those present the opportunity to really get to know one another on a more intimate level. The founder of Over 40 was present, along with a crew to film the event. She is also a host on a new syndicated ALL Women cable TV channel called News Butterfly.

We were all interviewed and asked about our vocation and other questions. When I was up, one question posed to me was "What would be the most important thing to tell woman?" My response was to not take life too seriously and to know that anything can change in a moment.....Something I continue to remind myself of; daily. The interviewer, another Newsbutterfly correspondent, Katie, paused, and deeply took in what I had just said. It continues to become clearer that my path of service is really to move and inspire others, beyond my current vocation of Fitness and Yoga teacher.

This evening was a reminder that if I can be it, live it; then I can become it !!Thank you to all of the wonderful woman that were present. May your world be truly blessed with abundance and possibility.:)

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love,

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