Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mussels and Chopsticks

Inspiration: To play and explore in authentic ways.

I reside in a humble abode on beautiful West 78th Street in NYC. This is a half block away from the Museum of Natural History and Cynthia Nixon's(Miranda; Sex and the City)place. Usually, I sit hunched over my computer either doing research or writing to eat my meals.

On this particular evening, I decided to go directly to Zabars after yoga class on the UPW; journal and towel in tow. After picking up marinated mussels and brussel sprouts (two separate pre-made items), I venture to my favorite spot in Riverside park. Initially, I go to sit on the bench but something deep inside tells me to "ground", literally to sit on the ground.

So the beach towel gets unraveled and I sit with my dinner. For utensils I picked up the standard plastic set along with a set of chopsticks. Happily, I ended up eating with the latter. This brought me much joy. Not the typical way of eating mussels. When I was down to my last seafood, I closed my eyes and really went inside; savoring the texture and quality of each bite. This is what is called conscious eating. Something I fear I and many others do not normally do.

It was as if I was transported to another place. A gentle reminder to make the mundane extraordinary. A simple gift I will continue to recall when life feels stagnant. Eating American food with chopsticks is fun! I felt like a big kid exploring. Can you imagine if we just let ourselves go a bit what we can do !!!

In closing, I invite you all to lovingly connect with what brings you joy. Throw in a bit of the whimsical and playful elements and let go. Breathe deeply, be present, be free.:)

With Love, Denise

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