Thursday, June 24, 2010

Our Unique Talents

Inspiration: To honor my own individuality and refine it's gifts and blessings.

We all have a uniqueness. Something that sets us apart from others. Some of us may have great minds; some big hearts. Some follow the rules, others break them. A quality that differentiates us from one another.

As many of you may guess by now, I have found my heart in Yoga. It provides me with a sense of peace, grounding and okayness (is that a word), in the midst of ever going change. I continuously surround myself with others writings and inspirations for empowerment. There are so many wonderful teachers. Each one different, sharing their love and passion for this great practice. It is my deep dream and intention to one day walk among them. Not just in the physical practice, but in the deep esoteric meaning of our existence.

In the world of fitness, my ability to execute exercises come easily. In the world of yoga, there are postures I am unable to execute for a myriad of reasons. Does this mean I am not a good teacher? Absolutely not. My uniqueness lies in the fact that I am not this pliable ex-ballerina/gymnastics queen that can bend and contort their body. I am an avid gym rat for over 20 years. This makes it accessible for others who are not the most flexible (in body and mind).

Where am I headed with all of this? I am discovering my gift is to bring this wonderful practice to others who may be intimated and possibly "turned off" by the idea of yoga. Since I have been an avid runner, group fitness teacher and personal trainer, there is an audience open and receptive to exploring this wonderful practice and how it can enhance their current lifestyles.

What makes you different? Unique. Do you share this with others? If not, maybe you should. It does not have to necessarily be in a vocational sense. It can be sharing your gift in the daily adventures of life. When you give from your whole heart, it not only heals others, it heals you.

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love,

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