Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summertime is in the Air!

Inspiration: To continue to find the joy in the everyday.


Hope you all had a very "peaceful" Memorial Day Weekend. It certainly is summertime, even if it is not yet June 21st. The smells are definitely here. What I mean by this statement is most recently I was walking down Columbus Avenue and there was the aroma of a barbecue.... What it really was, was the corner Frankfurter guy. This is a time for us all to go outside: both literally and metaphorically. Expansion is in the air !!! An opportunity to look at life through new eyes.

Yesterday, I decided to go for a walk down 5th Avenue. Of all days, I chose Memorial Day. Actually, I was walking down to Lord and Taylor for shoes. On my way across Central Park, I noticed a man dressed up as the statue of liberty, painted in green. I took out my blackberry and took a picture. This started a roll, and I found myself taking a picture of the Plaza Hotel, amongst other New York City sites.

My intention for sharing this seemingly mundane experience, was that after residing here for nearly 18 years, I made a choice to walk around as if I were here for the very first time. This created a sense of spaciousness within. A feeling of possibility.

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