Monday, June 7, 2010

A Delicate Balance

Inspiration: To really tune in to what is going on in each moment.

It's a Saturday afternoon, and I am working out at Equinox Columbus Circle. Nearby is a woman, probably in her mid to upper forties, boxing with a trainer. Upon closer look, I recognize her to also be a trainer at a different Equinox location. She looked amazing !!! Her form and physique, just beautiful.:) Funny thing is, her body did not match her face. Is there a point where we should surrender some of our "hardness" for lack of a better word for some softness?

This is something that goes through my mind quite often. On a purely personal level, I have been known to work out quite intensely; at times producing a similar physique. Since I have really fallen in love with yoga and its internal and external benefits, I have noticed the need to be a "hard body" fade slowly into the distance. It takes a lot of work to keep it up. You have to eat right, train right, train hard...or do you? That is a question I am presently exploring in my own journey.

As I have mentioned numerous times, life is about balance. If we focus too much in one area of our lives, other areas may suffer. About seven years ago, upon returning to NYC from a brief stint in Southern California, this was me. I was obsessed with exercise. All I could think of. My body was a direct representation of this. I was ripped, eight pack and all. Problem was, I felt so angry and alone. I transferred my personal sorrow into exercise. This in and of itself is not a bad thing. But, anything taken to an extreme and takes up all your thoughts, is not healthy. I prayed to let go of this and seven years later, I am much different.

So back to our scenario of the trainer boxing at Equinox. I was able to look on with admiration but at the same time a feeling of softness coming over me. That same day, I happened to train too hard and long and am feeling it right now. The thing is, today, I am respecting my body and its need for rest and comfort. I have come a long way. As we mature, it is in our best interest to surrender our ego and desire for perfection more fully. This creates space and more openness in our world.

Whatever is in your way to achieving a balanced state, please be kind to yourself. Change of any kind takes time and much patience. If an "Aries" (infant sign of the zodiac)like myself can begin to learn this, so can you.

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love, Denise

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