Friday, July 30, 2010

A Yoga Diet

Inspiration: To continue to listen to what my physical body desires more than my ego.

Yoga. The healing benefits are numerous on both the physical and emotional levels. This is a practice I "stumbled" upon, or more importantly was guided to begin after nurturing a broken toe in my running days.

It has been over seven years since that experience and I continue to soften more and more into this wonderful practice. There are numerous styles, flows and levels. Being an extremely "physical" individual, I tend to gravitate towards those more intense classes, not realizing that what I really needed was a bit more soothing.

In my work, I "preach" balance and integration to my clients. It is now my turn to practice this. Without going into story, most recently my body and soul have been craving more gentleness. Unfortunately for me, it took a time of complete exhaustion to awaken this within.

So heading this message, for the last five days I have taken care of me. This meant not going to the gym for my adrenaline high. Really being present, in the body and mind. This brought up a lot of uncomfortable feelings I would otherwise buried through my vigorous and sometimes elongated workouts. Instead, I turned to yoga and simple walks. The yoga I participated in was slower, more breath centered and very healing.

A calmness has come over me this week. While vigorous exercise is great, we have to know how we ultimately will react on a physical level. For me, too much activity makes me tense, angry and hyper. Every person is different. Listen, learn and give yourself what you need each day.

As I am now aware how much I crave more calmness, the wish is for me to go on a complete yoga diet for a months time. Possibly this fall. This will really give me deeper insights to the way this practice is so healing: body, mind and spirit.

I invite you all to lovingly listen to what you need in each moment. Be still. Out of that stillness you will find the answer.

Have a very "peaceful" day.

With Love,

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