Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Softening the Process

Inspiration: To continue to be a student and teacher of moving the body authentically.

As a teacher of fitness and health, I teach from my own experience. As this week began, I softly said to myself, "Listen to what brings your body joy." The answer was immediately yoga. For many years, there has been rigidity around my workouts. How often, how long and how much. Although this is still present, it is softening. My ego says go to the gym, do cardio and lift weights so you look ripped. My soul says, move authentically.

It is my deep intention to integrate and teach others the importance of balanced movement.For example, this am I worked with a client who just started running last year for the first time. He is in his 50's and this is a new feat for him. Along the way, he has endured a few set backs that have caused him to stop running for a time. This morning was the beginning of his body telling him to slow down as his hamstrings hurt (not in a good way)and his knees and hips were speaking rather loudly.

While it is healthy to exercise consistently, when the body speaks, if we do not listen, ultimately the body will speak even louder. The result usually being an injury of some kind. So I lovingly invite you all to please listen to the body's messages. Surrender the ego's desire to want gratification physically. The body will let you know what it wants. Many times the answer is rest, a good book or a nice meal. Oh Yes, and desert. Sweetness is important.

Kindness and love.....Always.

Warmly, Denise

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