Monday, March 29, 2010

On Etiquette

Inspiration: To have respect for myself and others in all situations.

When you here the word etiquette, you may think of manners at the table. The etiquette I am referring to here is about being timely, in situations. If you are going to meet a friend for dinner, it is best to be punctual. This shows respect for both parties.

Most recently, I took a yoga class in Tribeca at a prominent studio.The beginning of class is an opportunity to create the space, set an intention and create stillness. About 10 minutes in, a couple of students entered. This was disruptive and disrespectful, to both teacher and students. The teacher was accommodating but asked them to wait in the back until the initial devotion was set. A couple of us (me) were then asked to make room to accommodate the new additions.

For lack of a better word I was annoyed. What happened to yoga etiquette? I travel from the Upper West Side to this studio and usually arrive a good 15 minutes early. Most of the students live nearby. What is their excuse? Just because you practice, does not mean you LIVE the practice. Their are eight limbs in Yoga. One is asana. or movement. This is just one very small expression of this practice...... Always remember be kind, conscious and respectful in all ways to yourself and others.

Have a very "peaceful" day.

Warmly, Denise

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