Friday, March 5, 2010

March Madness

Inspiration: To remain loyal and loving in the midst of every going change.

Happy March. Here in NYC there are certain traditions that occur year after year. One of these is having the Allman Brothers play a run of shows at the Beacon Theatre. However, when I went to see the dates this year, I noticed they would not be playing at this venue. I then realized that their stint this time around would be at the Palace Theatre up in the Bronx.

Yesterday, while working with my dear client Phil, I mentioned this to him. He explained to me why. The Beacon Theatre had decided to book Cirque De Soliel instead because they could commit to a longer amount of time(many months). What ever happened to loyalty and commitment?

As long as I have lived on the Upper West Side (on and off since 1993), the Allmans have religiously played a string of shows at the Beacon Theatre. This saddened me because it showed that no matter how many years this band played here, when another longer financial gain presented itself, the Allmans were out.

Are there repercussions from this decision of the Beacon Management? Who knows, it is really none of my business. The message I would like to steer home is one of loyalty. To be true and consistent in all your choices, no matter what. Herein lies, integrity, truth and humility. Nothing is more priceless.:)

Have a very "peaceful" day.

Love, Denise

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