Friday, March 12, 2010

A Heart Beat

Inspiration: To continue to open my heart to love in all ways.

For the last few years, my desire to live a more "balanced" way of living, has led me into a place of isolation. What I mean by this, is I have made a conscious choice to change the trajectory of my life 180 degrees. As my wonderful mentor and friend Elana says " I turned my life on it's head."

Historically, As many people do, I have had an "all or nothing" mentality. Either I immerse myself completely in whatever the task or situation, or not at all. In becoming "clearer", about my life's path, I have tended to withdraw; hence my all or nothing mentality. Most recently, I decided that if I practice and teach balance to my clients, why not integrate it completely into my world.

Here I am referring to the cocoon I have created, until everything in the physical is "PERFECT". This is an illusion. Nothing is perfect except in my opinion the sunrise and sunset.:)

We all need one another. We heal ourselves and the world by connecting. This past week I have a furry visitor staying with me. A sweet little cat. This is not the first time I have invited cats into my home for clients while they are away. But this dear one has cuddled up to me in a way no cat has before. She licks my face and sleeps on my chest. To feel the heartbeat of this little one, without expectation and pure openness brought me to a realization. To open oneself, to give completely. A lovely message brought by an innocent soul.

So too, I invite you all to open to doorways you may have closed for some time. Invite in the fear. Surrender and breathe. From this space the light will shine in.

Have a very "peaceful" weekend.

With Love, Denise

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