Saturday, February 20, 2010


Inspiration: To continue to be inspired.

As I begin each post with an inspiration, I am currently at a loss. Right now, I am struggling with my own inspiration. To continue on the path I have begun many years ago. In my current vocation, I am at a crossroads. In the physical, my work is that of fitness trainer, but in my heart, I yearn to travel and teach large groups on the benefits of health, movement and wholeness.

Not that I am complaining. The people and work in my life are wonderful. My heart yearns for deeper connection, on a higher level of light and truth. The current model of the fitness world is sessions, $, sessions, $;especially if you have an association with a facility. Not that this is bad in itself. But what happened to service. Service for the people, their real needs, their issues, their feelings in each moment. This is what I long to undercover and share with more and more people.

When you work for yourself, it takes a lot of courage, heart and consistency to persevere. There are ups and down but the gratitude I feel for doing this kind of work is indescribable. I pray for assistance from both the seen and unseen to help me carry out this vision. The vision I have for expansion.

The reason I now share this is that we all have moments of doubt and fear. This is all part of the human experience. Many of you have deep dreams in your heart. Do not relinquish these dreams. Find the courage to move forward, regardless of what the circumstances may look like now. Embrace your feelings, even if they are uncomfortable. Only through these emotions, can we come to realize what is most important to us.

May we all realize our deepest and most heartfelt experiences.
Have a very "peaceful" day.

Love, Denise

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