Monday, February 1, 2010

The Importance of Flexibility

Inspiration: To continue to move and inspire individuals on the importance of flexibility, in the body and mind.

Flexibility is such an important component of a workout and lifestyle regime. Not only does it improve range of motion, it eases the body and calms the mind.

Every two years, fitness professionals are required to take continuing education to keep their certifications present. For as long as I can remember, I usually do this over the weekend for eight hours on Saturday and Sunday.

The class was very interactive but I limited my participation due to my healing from surgery a few months ago. Not that I am unable to exercise. I can. But this particular workshop was teaching Boot camps; a popular, growing, FAD to gain endurance,lose weight and become more "inflexible".......Not that I am a cynic. It is extremely beneficial on a physical level. A quick, painful way to reach your fitness goals.

I had the pleasure of participating in what drills I could. This included running sprints, a ridiculous amount of push ups, squats and lunge movement patterns. After two days of being indoors, seated a lot of the time, my body was so uncomfortable. I could not wait to get myself to yoga class after completion of this course.

By sitting inside and moving a bit in two days, the tightness in my body was unbelievable. A large majority of us spend our time indoors seated all day long. I cannot emphasize enough, how even gentle stretching will relieve a lot of our tension, both physical and emotional.

The message; flexibility on all levels, is an important component of daily life.

Have a very "peaceful" and flexible day.

Warmly, Denise

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