Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Inspiration: To experience each moment as simple as it is.

Sitting on a porch this past weekend up in Marion, Massachusetts, I fell into a blissful sleep. My legs were perched up on a small table. The sun was beating down on my legs, the wind on my face. I had just finished reading an excerpt from Marianne Williamson's book "A Return to Love." After I had read the section on surrender, I too surrendered and felt much peace and ease. This literally meant me falling asleep in an awkward position. Nevertheless, when I awoke, I felt that all was as it should be.

Now that I am back in NYC, I will keep this moment alive. Being away in a tranquil environment, near the water, made me realize that it is life's simple moments that bring the greatest insights. It brought me closer to my truth and path. The struggle is not necessary. Simply being and allowing the good that is around us on a daily basis to enter, will show us the way. The more ease we have, the more peace. The more peace, the more joy. The more joy, the more abundance......:)

Have a very "peaceful" day.
Warmly, Denise

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