Saturday, September 19, 2009


Inspiration: To be fully present, conscious and grounded.

Greetings. We are all being asked to be alive in our lives. When we worry about the past or future, this keeps us from receiving the gifts inherent in each moment. To be AWAKE is to experience the unfolding of life with an open heart. From this point, we remain open to listen and receive answers to our deepest dreams and desires.

Many times, we injure ourselves, both literally (through the body) or emotionally (in our thought patterns). This occurs when we are out of touch with what is happening in the moment. While it is very easy to project onto the future, it is imperative to remain present, breathe deeply and pray. For those who at stuck by the word "pray" this does not have to be to anyone or thing in particular. Just ask for help, direction, guidance, in general. There is power in the asking. Then stay awake to the moment and you will slowly receive your answers.

Have a very "peaceful" day.......Warmly, Denise

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