Sunday, September 27, 2009

Inspiration from the Woodstock Documentary: Now and Then

Inspiration: To find the seeds of success amidst the chaos.

Last night I watched the documentary Woodstock, Now and Then. It combined footage from the original Woodstock festival to modern day. How the music still stands the test of time. It was one person's vision of creating a festival of music for the sake of bringing people together to experience freedom, harmony and love. His name is Michael Lang. He did whatever it took to make this happen.

Initially, after a location was decided upon nearly a month before the show, they were boycotted. Instead of giving up, while driving around, Michael "spotted" the area of "his dreams". AS he recalls, " A bucolic farm, with hills and water." To make a long story short, they contacted the owner and within minutes, struck a deal.

They had nearly 20 something days to build the stage,fences and whatever else was necessary. Rain persisted for about 85% of the time. The show must go on,and it did. The acts began with Richie Havens who was not scheduled to go on for a while. Most of the acts went on out of order. Chaos or spontaneity, turned into a magnificent showcase. There was even a point that some of the top performers would not go onstage until they were paid cash. The organizers managed to make this happen and some even played two sets.....At the end of the day, the festival cost almost double of what it was supposed to. When all was said and done, it was a great success!!! Why am I recounting all of this?

Because, when you have a dream, a passion for doing something, you will stop at nothing to make it happen. That is what happened here. And 40 years later, it is still iconic and will never be duplicated.

So it is with us, myself included. We feel passion and have a vision, but stop when we are ooohhh so close. AS I have scribed before; "perseverance, persistence and patience", are a necessary combo to bring our desired manifestations into physical form. This creates magic and miracles when we least expect it !

May we all reach for the stars.:)

Warmly, Denise

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