Monday, September 14, 2009

MTV Video Music Awards tribute to Michael Jackson

Inspiration: To appreciate those great people in the world, with their humanness.

Last night, I watched part of the MTV video music awards. The reason being, I was curious to see the tribute to Michael Jackson by his sister Janet. I was surprised to see Madonna begin the experience. The last thing I expected was my eyes to fill up with tears as she spoke. Mind you, I am not a Madonna fan, but for the first time, I actually felt her speak from the heart and any previous judgement I have harbored was released.

She spoke of Michael from her own experience and how she briefly befriended the gloved-one but was not there for him. How many of us abandon those who truly need us the most. She spoke of his "humanness", he was an icon that would never be again. My eyes began to fill even more. It was in these moments, that I started to remember that we are all really on a journey of oneness to love and expression. It is easy to stand by those when things are flourishing. When times are difficult, many of us have look the other way.

It was a gentle reminder to choose love and to see the light in each other no matter what physical circumstances are occurring. Madonna also mentioned that she hopes where ever Michael rests, that he finds some happiness in this moment. I felt him smiling, and the true gratitude and appreciation from those assembled that had deeply been influenced by his greatness.

When Janet took the stage, she danced along side Michael while the"SCREAM" video was being played. I felt deep sadness for her. You could feel her keep her professionalism and at the same time the deep love for her brother. A truly gifted man has departed. He was in a lot of pain and I hope he is resting peacefully now.:)

It is our separation that causes us distress. If we could just choose to help and love one another, the world would be a much more "peaceful" place.

God bless you Michael.........With Love, Denise


  1. Denise,
    Yes, it was beautiful tribute to a gifted performer, a loving father. He inspired me through music, you by your words. In the words of Crosby,Stills, Nash (and Young), "So much love to make up, Everywhere you Turn, Time we have wasted on the way...." These lyrics seemed appropriate in Michael's life as well as many other great performers who have died prematurely.
    His music and his spririt will, however,live forever.

    Peace, Ed

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