Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Passover Squirrel

Inspiration: To continue to gaze in awe of the present moment.

Sitting upon a bench right outside Riverside Park, I was gazing up at the warm Spring sun. A big smile emerges on my face and heart. Then moments later I look straight in front of me at a great big beautiful tree. What I saw was definitely a first.

A squirrel had climbed up this tall monstrosity to exactly where the bench I was sitting on was parallel to. He seemed to be eating something that had his complete attention. It was a large piece of Matzoh of all things. I was in awe. The jewish squirrel I called him. My inner and outer vibration was pulsating with child-like eyes. I thought to myself, "This would be a really cool picture to take and post on Face Book."

So I reach into my bag and take out my camera. I took a picture but my zoom was not close enough to see the Matzoh in the squirrels arms. I was disappointed. In the next moment, the squirrel dropped the Matzoh and it plummeted down to the earth. He/she followed immediately.

The lesson for me at least in this experience is this. I was fully present, engaged and ecstatic when I was one with the squirrel enjoying his feast. The moment I separated out from this experience and my ego stepped in, it was all over.

Such is with life. When we are fully present and engaged whole-heartedly, there are magnificent and magical moments all around us. The moment we separate, is when this comes to a complete standstill. So I thank you my Passover squirrel for the lesson I will hold close to my heart and soul. The gift of this present moment. The gift of breath, sight, sound and being.

With Love, Denise