Friday, March 1, 2013

Ten Years After

Inspiration: I am GRATEFUL for who I am now.

Today marks a decade upon my return back from Southern California. Today is also the day, a dear friend of mine decided to move there.Someone I have known for over six years. Someone I had a dalliance with last year. Strange. Karma. Who knows.

All things aside, life is funny. It did not hit me until I awoke this am that I have been back in New York City for a decade. A time filled with great change, loss, redemption and awakening. Aspects of myself I have seen drift into the distance; new parts of myself being reborn.

When we ask the powers that be for our lives to be different, what happens is that the foundation we have known is deconstructed, and a new building given shape. This structure has many rooms, many aspects that need to be fine-tuned. Just like the plumbing in a house has to flow, so it is with our energy.

When we invite in divine possibility and ask for our lives to change, we go through an intense period of rebirth. While it is challenging and extremely humbling at times, the journey into our true authentic selves is worth it. It takes great courage to step out of the known into unchartered waters.

As this is a continued process of contraction and expansion, know that when you are down in the valley, eventually you rise to the mountaintop. The choice is yours....So today, I feel that much of my karma has been released. Especially as I made peace ( in a magnificent way) with this friend whom I saw at his going away party last night. Simply divine. I couldn't have asked for a more blessed experience. I am filled with gratitude for literally coming full circle and invite in the new and wonderful; in all directions of time and space. Bring it!

Enjoy the journey; this magical ride!!!

With Love, Denise

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