Friday, March 15, 2013

Listening To Your Intuition

Inspiration: To listen under ALL circumstances...

It was a Thursday evening. It had been some time since I took one of my favorite spiritually-infused yoga classes. I was exhausted from the week, my "cycle" and just needed a good dose of chanting, devotion, practice and meditation.

The class began with the teacher inquiring who had any injuries. Nearly the entire room made a contribution; even me but only because he asked and he already knew. His question was quite purposeful as you will soon see.

For some reason, he then proceeded to ask the young woman next to me a bizarre follow-up question."Even though you have an injury you are happy who you are, right?". He then went on to say, "Your ailment is perfect and you wouldn't want to be Denise, even though she is pretty." Her reply was no. My EGO self was annoyed because I definitely wouldn't want to be her, at least in the physical anyway.:( Our mats were quite close and this was the beginning of me not enjoying her proximity. For some strange reason, (aside from me obviously not enjoying her company) I felt like moving my mat. But I didn't. I was a good yogi and decided to stay and be with my feelings.

As the class began, her breathing was quite loud and was extremely irritating. Again, being a good yogi, I focused on my breath, my practice. As the class ebbed and flowed I was immersed in the dance and  surrender of my being. Then it came time to do inversions. There were two variations of headstand offered which are my fav's. The postures were broken down in advance. I am adept at this posture but did listen to his explicit instructions. I was in the full expression of headstand and then all of a sudden, it happened. She toppled onto me; sideways.

Not only was I startled and concerned for myself, I had to be mindful as one of my injuries resides in the shoulder and cervical spine. Thank heavens she fell on my good side and was okay. But boy was I fuming, pissed and ready to explode. But I didn't. I am a good yogi and I was okay. But my teacher needed to go further and address what had happened since her thump apparently caught the attention of the entire group. He looked at me and asked if I was okay. And knowing me well continues to say, "Recognize you have Karma between you. Accept that." To which I gave him one of my seriously, dirty looks. This takes a great deal of seething to come to the surface. He then goes on to say to the girl,"This is why I ask to follow my instructions and to not let your EGO get in the way. You shouldn't have done that." No s**t!

Why am I scribing all of this story? Because my intuition was to relocate my space.After class had begun, I was "guided" to move but didn't want to cause a disturbance and like I said, be a good yogi. So as important as it is to let these situations be a teacher, my greater teacher last night was my sixth sense. I should have listened and then I wouldn't have been pissed off. As I continue to scribe, there are lingering remnants of my fuming feelings residing within...Can you sense it?

Any way, all feelings aside, here are the bigger questions: Are you listening and following the guidance you receive? Are you taking care of you or worrying about how you will be perceived? First and foremost we have to honor ourselves no matter what. While it is considerate to be mindful of others, it is most important to stay true to YOU. Think about that for a bit....and have a blessed day!

With Love, Denise

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