Friday, March 29, 2013

The Cracked POT

Inspiration: To continue to let the mundane inconveniences pass me by with a smile.

Yesterday, I was boiling a pot of water to have some tea. I usually do this in a regular 3.5 inch sauce pan without a lid. But this time I used one. A big one at that. Upon completion of my task, I poured the boiling hot water into my cup awaiting it to simmer a bit. Then I took the over-sized lid I had used from another pan and placed it over the burner I had just turned down.

Within seconds, the heat of the simmering burner had made the lid crumble into pieces. It's glass started to separate from the middle and burn throughout. I just stood there and watched this without any emotion. Interesting I thought. Probably was not the best idea to place the worn in top over the burner I had just shut off. Note to self : Not a good idea to place anything on a hot burner after you shut it off.

During this whole episode, I was completely detached. I waited a moment for the burner to cool so I could gather the crumbled glass from upon my stove. It was like a yoga flow, from one pose to another. Being in my breath with what was transpiring without reacting. Maybe it is the yoga and the practices I do my best to implore that keep me in this state.

Well, this example was with an object. When it comes to witnessing the bigger stuff, that can be more of a challenge. But a gentle and loving reminder to myself and whoever may be reading this, that as long as we can stay present with what is, and move from that place of intention, we stay in a state of absolute presence and ease. From that space, we do what needs (or doesn't need) to be done with a sense of stillness within. There are lessons in all things. Thank you to my retired pot lid.

Have a wonderful day!
With Love, Denise

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