Friday, March 22, 2013

My SOUL Keeps Talking to ME

Inspiration: To do my best to listen to the VOICE.
I am having an ongoing battle with my soul. Every time I go to the gym, it is like pulling teeth. It takes me hours just to get my barrings. I know this may sound ridiculous, especially since one of the many hats I wear is personal trainer. Seventeen years to be exact.
At many times during this period, I have trained myself to the ground (metaphorically speaking) where I am completely exhausted and energetically depleted. The more I continue to "open" myself through yoga, meditation and prayer, the louder the VOICE is becoming.
"When are you going to listen to me? When are you seriously going to let go of your rigidity of having a toned physique. You say you want to be a total peace, right? Then why are you STILL not listening to ME???"
Well, what I can say is that compared to my Linda Hamilton looking, terminator two running and eight-pack abs (yes eight) I have said goodbye. The moment my abs look a bit too defined now, I invite in more softness in the form of eating and allow for the peaceful yogini to emerge. I cut back and embrace.
So for right now, I am dancing between both worlds; the world I have known for so long and the world that excites me beyond words. One day at a time, right?
What might the voice of your SOUL be trying to tell you? What is it's quality, texture and tone look and FEEL like? As long as you live with an open heart, divine intelligence will dance with you. And that is truth.
With Love, Denise

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