Saturday, February 9, 2013

My Baby Diamond

Inspiration: To continue to let go of attachments while remaining at peace.

It was a snowy Friday evening. The East Coast was in the midst of receiving the blizzard known as Nemo, due to be the largest snowfall since 1978. So as everyone was preparing for this winter wonderland, there was not much to do. I decided to go to the local gym and perform an elongated workout, take a good steam and shower. No yoga class today.:(

I had left the facility after 5pm and  walked in the steady downfall of white mass to pick up some last minute groceries in case I would go hungry...Upon my arrival home, I took off my abundant layers of clothing, scarfed down my dinner (was famished) and then settled into my evening. As I always put my hair back when I dine, after dinner I had noticed that I only had three earrings in my left ear. I have four piercings and one was gone. It was the ONE, I was most sentimental about. My baby diamond.

I was gifted this by my parents at a very young age, I believe it was the fifth grade, and it always reminds me of being a kid. So to gaze upon my ear without this adornment, was a bit startling. After just a few minutes, I decided to practice what I know to be true; to let go of attachment, especially material ones. Somehow, if I was meant to find it, it would just show up (mind you it is quite tiny). While looking to replace it, size wise, I found a petite sapphire post. given to me by my ex-husband that I swore I would never put in my ear. Maybe it is all the yoga I have been doing, so I said to myself, "Does it really matter anyway?" It is just stuff?"

So I put on this earring and decided not to focus on it and my lost diamond. For the rest of the night, I went about my business, watching a few movies and settled into my cave. When I awoke this morning, I noticed something in my bed sheets. I was "amazed' at what I laid my eyes upon. It was the diamond! I smiled, and smiled and smiled.. This was a  gentle, loving reminder, that if we truly let go, things show up. I truly thought I would never see this earring again.

As there are many, many things I am working on shedding, I will use this instance as a loving reminder to be present and surrender any attachments I may hold in my mind and heart. This continues to be an ongoing practice (and patience) for me as there are specifics areas that have been a challenge. So for right now, I am just grateful! Grateful for the message and inspiration I learned.

A lovingly reminder that the Universe works in "mysterious" ways...Be open, be love. Always.

With Love, Denise

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