Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Prada and The Butterfly

Inspiration: Everything exists, everywhere, anytime...

Two yogi friends meet for lunch at a local vegan restaurant. One a creative fashion designer, stylist, with impeccable taste, the other a holistic, intuitive fitness and yoga teacher. This is the first time the two have ventured out of the confines of the local studio where they practice, where amazing insights and conversations have occurred.

So on this Wednesday afternoon, the pair sit for over two hours; discussing everything from life, love, spirituality and healthy living. As if they have know each other for some time. After their divine meal of fried tempeh over healthy greens, with two sides of peanut dressing was finished, the check arrived. Both pulled out their wallets. One, a gorgeous, black Prada, the other a cotton material pouch with a butterfly emblem as its adornment.

You can probably guess who had which wallet. The stylist, the Prada; the teacher, the butterfly. They found it very comical after talking about materialism and how the fashionista has splurged on many a $5000 bag. How it held very little importance after the "thrill" of having coveted it. A gentle and loving reminder that it is not what we have, but how we FEEL....about everything.

Well the butterfly owner was me, and I have never owned a bag of such prominence and probably never will: unless someone gifts me with one. :) Both of us smiled and laughed at the whole experience. How everything exists and how in the end it really doesn't matter. What really matters is:

How fully did I live? How fully did I love?
How fully did I learn to let go?....Jack  Kornfield.

And, she did like my butterfly...

With Love, Denise


  1. You have a magical way of seeing the world! I absolutely love your description of this scenario and the beautiful message. I am so grateful for your lovely energy. Keep sharing with us Beautiful Butterfly!
    Much Love,

  2. Dear Judi,

    Thank you so much for your kind and loving words. I feel so grateful and blessed to have you in my life ! Your words and inspiration make me believe in MAGIC!!!

    With Love, Denise