Friday, February 1, 2013

Football and Yoga

Inspiration: To continue to find the humor and surprise in all ways.

It was a Thursday evening. Three yogis gather early before class begins. One, the creative director for a prominent magazine, one a vegan restaurant owner and the other moi. We all know one another and briefly catch up with the minutia of the week. Then, I posed the question, " Does anyone know who is playing in the Superbowl this Sunday?"

I found it rather interesting, intriguing, rather "comical", that neither of these two men knew who was playing. The Superbowl... One of the most highly anticipated and crafted sporting events of the year and none of us knew who the teams were. We were talking more about, "Do you think people will be at yoga class on Sunday at 6pm?" I know, I will for sure. And the yoga teacher teaching, who is a heterosexual man,  will not sub out his class to view this spectacle.

Why do I scribe this right now? Because what we focus on an what is a priority; is what is important to us. That doesn't make us right or wrong, it is just a preference. Football/Yoga? Yoga/Football? To assume that everyone knows something about this event is a judgment. Should we know? We know what we pay attention to. Where our energy is directed at any given moment. What moves us, inspires us.

So it is safe to say, the three of us, prefer to OM and flow, to empty ourselves and expand our Spirits. What moves you? Inspires you? The modality is not what is paramount, it is the feeling behind it... And I do know a fellow yogi friend ,who played football in college and loves the Sunday night class. Wonder if he will be there. Just sayin...:)

Make it a "blissful" day!
With Love, Denise

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