Tuesday, January 22, 2013

When You Least Expect It

Inspiration: Anything can happen anytime, no matter what.

It's finally winter here in NYC. Yesterday it was 52, today it's 20. I spent the majority of this long holiday weekend in bed, nursing a very bad head cold. Out the window went my favorite yoga classes and time with others. So much for planning...

I stayed in my apartment, without television (but Neflix on comp)... Slept, ate, read; both online and the myriad of books on my shelf. A time of really going inside. Talk about being still. This was like elongated meditation times 10,000!!!

So today after two days in hibernation, I ventured out in the freezing cold to work and later to visit an oral surgeon to have something removed in my mouth. Nothing major, just something that didn't look kosher. On my way back home from East to West side, I find myself on a bus with a woman preaching the gospel of Jesus. Literally walking up and down, talking to others in Spanish. I do my own fair share of devotion, but really just wanted to sit and daydream out the window of the streets of the city. It was a bit difficult.

For me, nature holds the key to peace, calm and clarity. I was determined to catch even a glimpse of solitude and serenity, no matter how f **kin cold it was in Riverside Park this afternoon. Shortly after returning West, I walked one of my favorite paths in this extraordinary park and then ventured into a local market for some items.After stuffing my face with some ready made portabello mushrooms, I make my way towards home.

I was walking down the street where I practice yoga, two blocks from home, when all of a sudden I saw him! The guy I have been waiting to see, since we first met a month ago unexpectedly in yoga class. A class I frequently take that he doesn't (but did on that day). We had noticed one another before a couple of times in passing in the form of a few big smiles. There was definitely a spark, some sort of chemistry, a good vibe. A vibe unlike no other man I had ever been draw to before. A calming energy to my forceful zen...

So here I am walking, trying to stay warm and I look up. It's him all bundled up and he says, "Hi, How are you doing" and continues to walk by. There was a girl near him but don't know if they were together or not. The bigger message is...I was feeling crappy, went for a walk in nature, cleared my head and BOOM!!! I see the guy I have been hoping to see for many weeks. What can I say? You just never know....Be open to everything and attached to nothing. That is the message for this moment.

Shine your light. Speak your truth. Live abundantly. Always.

With Love, Denise

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