Sunday, January 6, 2013

Let It Go, Let It Flow...

Inspiration: To release and clear my heart from the past in all ways, in all directions.

Happy 2013! A new year, a clean slate. As many of us begin yet again, we carry forward our experiences. Whether positive or not, these experiences help us to grow and evolve. Are you happy what you FEEL internally or might there be a bit of remorse?

Most recently I've re-tweeked" for a better word, a long standing, physical injury. This occurred in the year 2006 and was traumatic for me. In  February, NYC had a 26in covering of white snow. My staircase had been shoveled, but what remained was a sheeting of black ice I did not see...

While some of the pain has still lingered, I thought I had made peace with it, since I am still able to workout to my hearts content and do most yoga poses (except some really cool arm balancing). There was indeed negligence on the part of my landlord, but I was "guided" not to pursue an legal action at the time.

So here we are in 2013. Last week we had a sprinkling of snow. A sprinkling that barely covered the streets on the city. However, there seemed to linger a small layer of black ice partially forming on my brownstone steps; so I needed to be mindful when I walked up and down. For some "strange" reason, I fell suddenly, just like I did many years ago. The difference being, I fell towards the bottom, grabbed the railing with one hand, while my "tweeked" arm hit the concrete while in 06 I slid down the entire showcase. I could not believe this was happening again.

My physical activity has been a bit limited and I have been in pain. As I been praying for guidance, asking why this happened yet again. Why this, why now. There may be a myriad of reasons for this but last night I was gifted with this divine rationale (or at least I think so). Let me explain.

Earlier that day I had taken a yoga class (modified) so I could continue to open myself up and move the energy. Shortly afterwards,. I took my sunset nature walk along the river, which always brings me peace. I had noticed that my heart center ( actually the middle of my chest 4th Chakra) was feeling heavy, congested; energetically speaking. I was really surprised at this heaviness I was experiencing.

My injury occurred in my left shoulder, arm and hand. In Chinese medicine, this is connected to the HEART. Pretty cool! So last night lying in my bed, listening to some dreamy music, my higher self told me I was holding on to the past wounding and betrayals. This past month especially has been heavy for me as three men I have been involved with (some much much longer than others) had there birthdays within four days of one another. My ex-husband, a past relationship and a BOY (you know what I mean) I had a fling with recently.:(

So I began to weep, then I began to cry, then I began to empty myself with every fiber of my being. The tears continued to fall like buckets for a little bit, but what I realized was that this was a necessary part of my healing; to release and free up my heart center. When I finished my cleanse, my heart felt more open and my injury was feeling better. Interesting right?

I share this with you now because many of us hold onto our past. Whether we realize this or not, it lays heavy on our hearts. Our ability to love fully, our ability to be unconditional and free.You don't need to have an injury to explore what emotional blockages you may be experiencing. All setbacks, are ultimately a gift, a lesson to look at for review.

The question is "What is really going on? How are you FEELING?" Give yourself the permission to feel the fullness of your feelings. Many have learned that it is cowardly to cry. It actually is the exact opposite. It is the most freeing thing we can do for our cell tissue, for our hearts. Try it, you may like it..You know what I mean anyways.

Remember, you are all beautiful divine beings. Choose to release that which no longer serves and create the space for divine miracles and magic in you life! You are deeply loved. Always.

From my heart to yours.

Wishing you much love and peace,.

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