Tuesday, January 15, 2013

An Upper West Side CLASSIC

Inspiration: To continue to open up to new avenues.

It was a foggy Sunday evening. A dear new friend I had met most recently in yoga class was leaving for her home in Nepal the following morning. So I really wanted to see her before she left. We were supposed to meet for class that afternoon, but she had much to do; places to go people to see.

So I ended up saying farewell ( for now) at her apartment she shares with a lovely, incredibly brilliant, versatile woman. When I arrived a bit past 6 pm, it was a full house. Her roomies sister, niece and mom were over. I felt as if I was intruding, but they lovingly invited me in. I had had an early diiner, so I was pretty full. Turns out they had just ordered theirs from "Big Nicks".

Big Nicks, an Upper West Side staple, that has been around for decades. There are two locations, one on Broadway and the other off Columbus Avenue. At the Broadway spot, they have outdoor seating when weather permits. When I have walked by, I have seen heaping piles of french fries smothered in cheese, enormous burgers, and decadent pizzas, just to name a few. Known for the grease and decadence, it is open 24 hours.

This entourage was having the Big Nick for dinner. The last time I was here, was on Thanksgiving, where Zabars was lovingly catered with a free-range turkey. A healthy, clean meal. Knowing I am a health fantantic and very mindful of my eating, her roomie says. " Your not going to eat this are you?" I had explained that I had dinner prior, but to show I was somewhat NORMAL would try it.

The food arrived over an hour later because her sister ordered from the wrong location. You had to be there...truly a Seinfeld episode. I managed to stuff my face ( I was full already) with a yummy slice of cheese pizza, with onions, broccoli and mushrooms (only the top). Also on the menu was fried zuchini sticks, spagetti in meat sauce and two variations on desert. I believe a chocolate cheesecake and something that looked like devils food cake.

My thoughts during this whole meal were: "So this is how most people really eat!" No wonder why I was thin and in shape. But was I fulfilled? Ah, that is the question. The answer food wise was a definitive NO. Eating is joy, it sustains our beautiful body, temple. While eating a strict regimen has it's benefits, it also lacks flexibility. The key is flexibility. So with this wonderful lesson, I promise myself to entertain the "Big Nick" sometime in the future.

I had a wonderful evening and my beloved friend Naila gifted me with a beautiful healing Buddha I attached to my mala beads from her homeland. I will miss my friend but will see her when she returns in the Summer. We should immediately visit the Big One upon her return....

So why do I bother to write this stuff? As an "invitation" to EXPAND. To expand your vision of what you think something is. It doesn't have to be in the sense of food, or it can. What have you been holding onto with rigidity? What are you afraid of and why? Just a few thoughts to pine over if you desire.:) Think about it and have a magical day!

With Love, Denise


  1. I lived next to Columbus Big Nick's for 3 years and I miss it every day. Obviously I didn't eat there every week, but it's incredible. Flexibility and balance are the keys!

    Namaste <#

  2. Thanks Sims. I can FEEL your love of their food...Yes, I am a work in progress. Always learning, always exploring.

    With Love,D