Thursday, December 2, 2010

How Are You Managing Stress?

Inspiration: To do my best to listen to what I teach to others.

Stress. The accumulation of a multitude of obligations and responsibilities from the outside world. The more we take on, the more important it is to have an "outlet" to handle the frustrations that may arise.

As a teacher, I am really good at instructing others. To guide them in a direction that may assist them in living more "peacefully." While I am a teacher, I am first and foremost a student.  Most recently, my accumulation of "stress", whether real or mentally created has been overwhelming.  My vocation has brought AMAZING people into my life. The flip side, is that I do a lot of daily travel, sometimes to four to five locations, which leaves me exhausted.  Add to this mix, I keep up my own integrity of movement a multitude of times per week.

So I just got back from my favorite acupuncturist, Gabriel Sher. He told me what I knew to be true. When he first saw me he said you look exhausted. After checking my pulse and tongue (this is what they do to get a sense of how your organs are functioning in Eastern Medicine) he was a bit surprised how depleted I was. So I received an hour long treatment and left feeling refreshed. :-)

Then I made the mistake of doing errands and rushing around. My mind started to spiral. A quick stint to Riverside Park was needed to ask "God to Help Me! Wish I could have stayed there, but being I was the only one there with a designer purse, probably not the best idea. Now back home, I quickly ate a rushed dinner and turned on the computer to check face book. So very shortly I will take some of my own medicine. An epsom salt bath, lavender incense burning and a "sweet" book.

No matter what the day has brought you, it is good idea to have some sort of calming ritual before bedtime. While I was hoping scribing this would calm me a bit, I seem to find myself "buzzing". Probably best to head to the bathtub soon.

Have a very "peaceful" evening.

With Love, Denise

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