Sunday, November 28, 2010

To "FEEL" What Doesn't Feel So Great

Inspiration: To allow myself to feel the fullness of my emotions and let them move through me.

As I do my best to convey positive and uplifting experiences, I too am only human. As much as this long weekend has been a blessing, it has also brought up a lot of emotions.

I am really, really good at uplifting others. Many have told me I have a calming effect on them. Yes, in the fitness arena I do appear very zen, but compared to the yogi's (pure yoga practitioners),  I have more distance to travel. Although after yoga I do feel very zen.:-) But truth be told, after a gym workout, I feel a lot of aggression and anger. It is documented that working out is a stress reliever, but depending upon how you are wired ( I am a fire sign through and through), it may not be the best medicine.

So over the past three days, I had two gym workouts, and one yoga cleansing. Meaning a class where there were many twist and breathe work which helped my energetically "charged" body. Today is Sunday. In many traditions, it represents a day of rest. This morning, I have been with my feelings. My feelings of loneliness, sadness and desiring my physical life be other than what it is.

To feel the fullness of these feelings takes courage. In the past, I would bolt to the gym or some other avenue to ease this resistance. As it is part of both my path and work, I am embracing this uncomfortableness (is that even a word). My wish is that I will learn what needs to be learned so I can help transform myself and others more deeply.

It is my deepest intention, to be of greater service and to move and empower more individuals to live their highest truth.....To a day filled with discovery and enlightenment.

With Love, Denise

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